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How to distinguish a dishonest slot machine?

A novice in the iGaming industry, as well as a player with years of experience in popular online casinos, can fall victim to dishonest gambling. This is especially the case with slot machines where it is impossible to influence the process of the game and its outcome. Players can only hope that they are lucky enough to win. For this reason it is extremely important not to choose a dishonest slot. If the latter does not work properly, your chances of hitting the jackpot are minimal. Let's learn how to distinguish a reliable slot machine from a fake one.

Pay attention to the developers

When playing online slots, whether they are big or small, always choose models from reputable developers. That way you don't risk being cheated. The top publishers do not want to lose their reputation and make good quality products. Their slot machines have good technical and graphical features as well as high payout rates.

Don't forget to check whether the developer collaborates with independent auditing bodies. The latter ensure the correct functioning of the random number generator. Among the most reliable services is eCOGRA. If you have seen the eCOGRA seal of approval, don't be afraid to play on such a slot machine.

Learn about the features of slot machines

It is clear that slot machines have many complicated features for most players. Many of them understand absolutely nothing about RTPs, votality and other features. However, knowledge of the principles of a slot machine's operation makes it possible to find the wrong models and avoid them. By choosing a slot machine with the best features you increase your chances of winning.

RTP - this is the percentage of money a slot can pay out. Most slot machines have payout rates between 88% and 96%, but there are also many models promising RTPs of over 98%. We recommend always choosing a model that pays out at least 96% of the winnings to the users.

Votality - this is the frequency of winning combinations. We distinguish between high votality (when the possibilities of winning are higher, as well as those of losing) and low votality (when the wins are smaller, but you lose more rarely). Pay attention to this characteristic when choosing a slot machine.

Read other players' opinions

Online casinos lie a lot and advise players to play dishonest slots. But players will never do this. The community of online casino enthusiasts helps everyone. For this reason, if a player has come across a fake model, he will probably write a review or opinion with for other users. It is good to read other players' reviews of slot machines. Did someone have a bad experience on that new slot? Don't repeat their mistakes and avoid this game. Hundreds of players recommend a certain slot machine? You can try it out too and be the lucky one to hit the jackpot.

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